For all trade-ins, please send us an email with a detailed list of the products and photos to Please also indicate whether you are local to our store, or if you'd be sending in your collection. We will do an initial assessment of your trade-ins and from there, we will either assign you a trade-in ticket number and let you know where to send your trade-ins to, or let you know we cannot take the trade-in. You will be responsible for shipping costs both ways. You will receive the store credit if the trade-in is accepted after we have assessed the collection in hand.

Please note: We will not accept any packages that are shipped to us without first contacting us, and going through the initial assessment.

**Due to COVID-9 safety concerns, we ask that all trade-ins be put in a re-sealable box or bag. Your box / bag will be wiped down before and after assessment.*

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