Expected Release Dates

Pre-order items listed on our website will have an "Expected Release Date" in the product description. Product release dates are just an estimate and oftentimes, product releases can be inaccurate either being earlier or delayed for several months in some cases. Delays happen for many reasons beyond our control (ie. production of product at the factory level, manufacturer delay, shipping logistics, etc), but we do our best to get products in as soon as possible.

Different manufacturers logistically have a different way of estimating when a product will release to the general public. Generally, manufacturers can't give concrete release dates due to many factors. In terms of production, there are 3 main phases of a product. Design / Manufacturing, Assembly / Packaging, Distribution to Wholesalers / Retailers. At any point in this process, there could be delays. Larger productions also require distribution to different countries and regions.

This makes it impossible in many cases to have a unified release date estimate as some items may ship to a specific region faster than others and some wholesalers within that region ship faster to some retailers dependent on locations.

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